Despite our love for car parts that are old, tried and tested, the DIY mechanic has benefitted exceptionally well from something so modern as the internet. From message boards where learned and learning tinkerers could swap advice to the first fully fledged car repair online publications, the addition to our web tool kit is the proliferation of DIY Automotive YouTube channels. With it being easier than ever to produce quality content and reach your audience, what distinguishes the following 5 online teachers is their level of expertise, and ingenuity.


1. DIY Auto School
With the aim of ‘Teaching The World To Learn From Their Mistakes!’ the plainly titled DIY Auto School is packed with lengthy and highly detailed tutorials for everything on how to replace a rusted out car, or fixing out a collision repair. The editing effects and male ponytails all lend their charm to an old-school style in these vids, which can be up to an hour in length as they detail the process in proper step by step fashion. Very worth subscribing in case you ever have a niche problem that you can’t find info for anywhere else.

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2. Scotty KilmerA mechanic of over 45 years, Scotty Kilmer specializes in DIY auto endeavours that you or any non-expert can undertake. Even some of the most daunting repair jobs, such as cleaning fuel injectors or repairing an oil burning engine on the cheap, are covered in short but sweet detail. Even more cutting-edge, Scotty regularly livestreams Q&A sessions, which are later uploaded for on-demand automotive learning.

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3. Life on Unleaded
Founded by Louis Karsenbarg, an auto enthusiast from the south of England, this YouTube channel has plenty of content to enjoy both on the technical and entertainment level. Along with the day-in-the-life pieces that get the lowdown on the best, jealously-inducing sports car from across the country, there’s a couple of videos showing how to build motorbikes from scratch, and restoring old Mustangs.

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4. WeberAuto
It’s all well and good to have tutorial videos made at home by skilled DIY enthusiasts, but sometimes you need something regimented and syllabus based to really help you learn. Enter WeberAuto, a fully sponsored YouTube channel from the Weber State University (WSU) Automotive Technology Department, which invites you to join their students in understanding the essential basics to Universal Joints, Transaxle Operation and working on Hybrid Systems – to name a tiny fraction.

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5. That Dude in Blue
With more than just a highly successful YouTube channel under his work belt, ThatDudeInBlue has built a large, open-minded community of car enthusiasts who also enjoy the finer things in life, like sports cars and street racing. Another great channel for those who want to get a look into life on the fast lane, there’s of course plenty of DIY distractions, detailing how to upgrade your clutch, wiring or clearing your engine bay.

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