Those of you who are regular visitors to our website will have noticed we recently added a notice to our homepage as a warning over pirated X431 diagnostic tools. A rise in the sale of Launch X431 technology has resulted in a rise of the number of companies we are seeing dealing in illegal pirated X431 tools.

These tools are often cheap, badly made and are greatly altered in their configuration from official Launch Tech products. As such they cannot and will never be eligible for Launch Tech software updates, support or servicing. Their use will likely void future warranty services, and in some cases the use of these tools has cause irreparable damage to the vehicles they are used on.

Some of the most frequently experienced issues which arise as a result of using counterfeit units are:

  • Hardware and software not matching due to the serial number on the diagnostic box being illegally refreshed.
  • Super 16 connectors not manufactured by Launch Tech do not have the correct configuration.
  • Original system language altered to mask the country it was manufactured for.
  • Tampering or illegal replacement of the main chip which stores serial number information in the diagnostic unit.
  • Counterfeit or inferior quality PCA of the power board being replaced in the unit, causing damage to vehicle electronics.

We advise all of our customers to avoid any non-official Launch X431 diagnostic tools. Any initial savings will soon be overtaken by expenditure due to problems arising from the use of these units, and should they be returned to Launch for servicing or repairs they will be confiscated and destroyed.

For more information on counterfeit Launch products and what you can do to avoid them please visit our information page here.

Post By Marc