The performance of British car manufacturers has been improving dramatically in recent times, and it was only last month that reports came in showing that Britain is well on the way to becoming the second largest car manufacturer in Europe.

An increase in demand for British brands from big consumers like China is fueling the industry’s growth, which is also opening plants by brands like BMW and Nissan in the country. Last month it was reported that Jaguar had knocked Japanese brand Lexus off the top spot of a customer satisfaction survey after 11 years at the top. German and Japanese cars still dominate the top ten lists of the best vehicles on the road, but they are all British made:

1. Mini Clubman

2. Honda Jazz

3. Honda CR-V

4. Toyota Avensis

5. Honda Civic

6. Mini Hatchback

7. Nissan Qashqai

8. Jaguar XK

9=. Mini Convertible

9=. Mini Coupe

Over 1.5million cars roll off British production lines every year, and it is expected that this will reach 2million by 2018. The production of this top ten list is split between plants in Cowley, Swindon, Burnaston, Sunderland and Birmingham. With domestic demand for British cars growing, and the popularity of Japanese and German brands unremitting, the prospects are very good for British car manufacturing.

Post By Marc