A few days ago Aftermarket Magazine published an interesting article on their website about the recent advice issued by the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) regarding health and safety compliance in vehicle workshops and garages. A recent report outlining the injury and death statistics in the automotive repair industry over the last five years has prompted the RMI to urge all garage owners to ensure their health and safety practices are up to date and compliant with the latest guidelines.

safe EVAP testing car diagnostic toolAmong the most common hazards in a garage environment are those caused by flammable liquids and vapours, which for vehicle diagnosticians means safe fuel evaporator system (EVAP) testing is of the upmost importance. Smoke testing has become the trend in EVAP diagnostics over the last few years, and the Smoke Wizard tool is one of the safest car diagnostic tools on the market today. This is thanks to the Inert Gas Pack; an attachment to the main unit which forces smoke through the EVAP system with nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide. Using inert gasses keeps oxygen levels in the fuel system well below the 11% needed for ignition, making this the most efficient and safest possible way of complying with health and safety requirements.

Over 8000 injuries and 24 deaths have occurred in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last five years, so be sure your health and safety practices are fully up to date now. For more on the latest RMI advice visit their website where you can also get access to their comprehensive support package for the latest health and safety legislation.

Post By Marc