PRO 3Launch Europe has released a series of new video tutorials to assist installers with using the X-431 PRO 3 diagnostic tool.

Available via YouTube, there are three different videos focusing on setting up, registering & updating and also using the X-431 PRO 3 on a daily basis.

The X-431 PRO 3 is the most versatile product of its kind in the world and connects vehicles and workshops using both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

The PRO 3 also features a built-in social network service (SNS) that allows workshops to connect to a virtual community and seek immediate help with challenging diagnoses. Technicians can also access a comprehensive vehicle database and repair tips to improve workshop efficiency.

The PRO 3 tool has various other features. These include: The ability to recognise the diagnostic features of other tools in the X-431 series, reading and clearing DTCs, interpreting and reading a vehicle’s entire data stream and, performing actuation tests.

Workshop technicians can use the PRO 3 to diagnose faults on 90percent of all European, Asian and American vehicle brands and the 10.1-inch screen on the handy touch-screen tablet has been designed to enhance functionality for the user.

Dave Richards, Launch UK managing director, said: “The PRO 3 has become a best seller and customer favourite and these videos will help installers get the most of out the tool and support the excellent customer service function available from Launch UK.”

Post By Launch Tech UK