The C Recorder II is a portable data recorder compatible with diesel and petrol vehicles using OBD II and EOBD systems, and it provides real-time engine information that can be recorded and stored for later diagnostics.

C Recorder II car diagnostic tool

An impressive car diagnostic tool, the C Recorder II can record up to 24 hours of data, so you can save several test drive files and live data streams for further analysis. Connect the device to your computer through a simple USB cable to download data to your PC and update your C Recorder with the latest software updates from Launch. This is a great diagnostic tool that can be left unattended to record and diagnose intermittent faults, allowing you to get on with other projects while it does the time consuming work for you!

See our full tech spec for more details on this fantastic car diagnostic tool. It is delivered with a one year warranty and includes access to software updates that we send out online – so you always get the most out of this powerful and invaluable device.

Post By Marc