Using smoke machines for leak detection has become an extremely popular development in vehicle diagnostics due to its superiority to standard methods in both accuracy and safety. When testing for leaks in fuel evaporator systems (EVAP), using a smoke machine is the safest and quickest way to detect even the smallest leaks.

smoke machine car diagnostic tool

The Vautec WV605 is a popular and reliable car diagnostic tool that uses a smoke with a UV dye in it to detect vacuum, exhaust and EVAP system leaks. When exiting a leak the smoke deposits the dye around the fault, so with the use of the included UV light the dye will clearly mark the location of the leak even in dark spots and tight corners.

An incredible time saving device, using a smoke machine for EVAP testing will revolutionise your vehicle diagnostics and eliminate the health & safety risks which come with testing fuel tanks and injection systems. All Vautec leak finders are OEM-approved and are compatible with systems on all vehicles – the integral pressure gauge will ensure that systems are left undamaged once your diagnostic tests are complete.

This smoke machine is designed to deliver the best possible service in even the busiest and most demanding garage environments, and to guarantee this service it is delivered with a 2 year warranty - please see our website for more details on this superb car diagnostic tool.

Post By Marc