Those of you who follow our social media presence will know that we recently reduced the prices on some of our most popular car diagnostic tools.

A giant in the world of vehicle diagnostics and an award winning piece of technology, the Launch X431 Master is now available from just £1500 with a year subscription to our software updates. Delivered with a huge variety of connectors and cables making it suitable for all OBDII/EOBD compliant vehicles, this is excellent value for a superb quality car diagnostic tool.

Further reductions have been made in our range of Launch X431 automotive diagnostic equipment with the X431 Diagun available for just £1295 with a year’s subscription to software updates, and the X431 Quicheck available for just £875. One of our fastest and most efficient pieces of equipment, the X431 Quickeck supports over 40 vehicle makes and models from across Europe, Asia and America. From one handheld device it can scan and diagnose many key areas including engine electronic systems, ABS and SRS, EPB, automatic transmissions and tyre pressure.

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by Marc Yates

Post By Marc