Aftermarket diagnostics equipment supplier Launch Tech has seen demand increase for its high-end vehicle diagnostics system, Euro Tab III, as OBD-based diagnostics continue to evolve in the professional environment.

Packaged with Launch’s new O2-1 four-channel oscilloscope and TSGUN and four TPMS sensors, the Euro Tab III is designed with the professional diagnostics technician in mind, delivering worldwide vehicle coverage, powerful diagnostics, and numerous special functions.

Richard Collyer, national sales manager at Launch Tech, said: “Euro Tab III sits within our high-end diagnostics product offering for the technician. We’re finding that with MOT season approaching and more, older vehicles on the road as fewer new vehicles arrive on the roads, more garages are needing diagnostic equipment as demand increases.

“Launch UK is committed to offering a full range of diagnostics for full time professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Priced competitively, the brand’s range of tools are compatible with most vehicles and provide easy to use solutions, with a full directory of compatible makes and models available on the website.”

Offering intelligent diagnostics for more than 100 car brands, Euro Tab III offers topology mapping to provide visual checking on diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and all system communication statuses.

The Euro Tab III has 33 service and reset functions, and features Launch CarSet Electronic database powered by Haynes PRO, Launch guided diagnosis, optional ADAS calibration, and an advanced coding and programming function.

New for the Euro Tab III is the Smartlink® C VCI. This advanced module allows for communication and advanced functions in several ways.

Featuring its own 4.0-inch screen the Smartlink® C communicates directly with a vehicle for local diagnosis, remotely for Launch SRD diagnosis, (Launch Super Remote Diagnosis), the VCI is also compatible with DOIP (Diagnosis over the Internet protocol), CAN FD, (flexible data-rate), and as a Pass-Thru device communicating by J2534, D-PDU and RP1210 protocols. The Smartlink® VCI also supports Truck diagnostics using the optional HD truck software.

The Euro Tab III includes the Launch professional database, fully integrated into the diagnostic software. This will take you directly from the DTC to a step-by-step testing routine, leading to the fault code solution. Its 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band communication ensures a quick and stable connection and its built-in repair information and training video modules help to track and fix issues fast.

Euro Tab III is delivered with the Launch oscilloscope and Launch TSGUN. The oscilloscope features automatic pre-sets for many automotive applications. Pre-sets can be used in combination mode, testing several components at the same time. Launch TSGUN will read all sensor information, programme Launch sensors, and diagnose TPMS fault codes.

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