Smoke WizardLaunch UK has become the approved lead distributor of Global Leak Detection’s Smoke Wizard®, a diagnostic smoke machine used by OEMs such as AMG, Audi, KIA, Mazda, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Jaguar Land Rover.

There are two models available in the aftermarket – the GLD-40 and the GLD-50 Smoke Wizards.

Smoke Wizards Diagnostic Smoke leak detection has completely changed the way system leaks are diagnosed. Previously, the accepted method for finding micro-leaks was to use a stethoscope and to ‘listen’ for them. Now, Smoke Wizard allows technicians to find leaks by supplying a smoke vapour and UltraTraceUV® dye solution, which finds leaks in virtually any low-pressure system.

In under 20 seconds, the device heats the smoke solution to produce the vapour, which is then delivered using compressed air or inert gas to the affected system. The smoke vapour contains a specially formulated OEM approved non-contaminating and non-permanent UV dye for use in all automotive systems for leak detection. The built-in UV Dye leaves a residue around any leak sites, which is especially important for finding leaks that may be hidden or require disassembly to find.

Using OEM-approved technology, the Smoke Wizard can easily help diagnose the most common “check engine” codes, proving invaluable in all workshop environments.

The compact unit – weighing 10lbs – is powered from the vehicle’s battery so it needs no external power source and can be stored upright or laid flat. A number of visual indicators provide support for the user and it accepts air pressure ranging from 50-175 PSI.

The flow gauge displays flow into the system and provides a scale on the size of leaks prior to leak detection, saving the technician time by proving there is a leak prior to looking for smoke vapour and UV dye.  The pressure decay gauge verifies leaks in the system by monitoring both positive and negative pressure during leak down tests, and the flow control valve allows total control of the volume of vapour delivered from the machine.

The kit includes a Schrader tool, EVAP service port adapter, assortment of cap-plugs, a combination light (UV, Laser and white), Exhaust cone adapter and 2 bottles of UltraTraceUV® Smoke Solution.

On a safety level, the GLD-40 is fully optimized to use inert gas for safer EVAP testing.

Using an inert gas such as nitrogen greatly reduces the risk of accidental combustion while testing the fuel system.

In its role as lead distributor, Launch UK is stocking all spares, machines and is the official Tech Support centre for customers.

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