striker tools, car diagnostic tools

Among our brand new range of Striker tools and accessories we have a neat little gadget that is designed to make garage parking easy, even when there’s no-one to help the driver position the vehicle.

Not just great for use in commercial garages, this wall mounted Garage Parking Sensor is also handy for use in a domestic garage. Using ultrasonic technology to detect the approaching vehicle, the sensor and light indicator mount simply on a flat surface and let you know how far away the vehicle is from the wall with a simple three colour light.

striker tools, car diagnostic tools

  • A green light shows as you are approaching the parking area.
  • A yellow light shows as you are nearing the desired parking location and should slow down.
  • A red light shows as you have reached your desired distance from the sensor and should stop.

It really is as simple as that! Choose your ideal distance to ensure your car is parked correctly every time. To maximise space in garages and workshops, this is a useful tool to ensure there is enough space for mechanics and technicians to work around the vehicle at all times.

At Launch we strive to always stock the best and most useful car diagnostic tools, equipment and accessories on our website. Do keep an eye on our ever-expanding collection for more new additions coming soon!

by Marc Yates

Post By Marc