From cables and adapters to printer rolls and books, we have a whole range of parts and accessories for our Launch X431 car diagnostic tools to allow you to get the very most from your device. An innovative piece of technology like an X431 should be used to its full capacity, especially in the professional workshop, so have a browse through our range of X431 parts and consumables to find plenty of replacement accessories and additional Launch equipment.

Launch X431 connector

Our X431 devices have a broad vehicle coverage which can be taken advantage of with the use of our adapter cables, but for the busy garage changing adapters for every job can cost valuable time. The Launch Super 16 connector is just one cable which is compatible with all makes and models of vehicle using the 16-pin standard socket, removing the need to swap connections with the CAN BUS connectors configured with the Launch X431 series.

A further time saving device which is indispensable when dealing with a variety of vehicle models, the EOBD Diagnostic Socket Locations Manual covers over 500 model ranges, with photographs and diagrams showing the location of the diagnostic socket. This socket is often hidden by car manufacturers for aesthetic reasons, making it difficult for technicians to find. We all know that time costs money, so save that valuable time that would be spent searching for the socket with this handy A5 book.

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