Whilst our speciality at Launch Tech lies within our range of OEM Level diagnostic tools and Launch X431 products, among our product selection also lies plenty of other innovative and popular tools for both professional mechanics and enthusiast car tinkerers. One of the highlights has to be our choice of Striker tools; a wholly unique and affordable set of repair devices where everything, from their high quality LED’s to the thick lead of their pencils, has been individually made to bring ease and practicality to you and your vehicle.


The highlight of our Striker Tools range is the brand’s sleek and indispensable LED product range. Intensely bright and designed to shine light precisely where you need it, each of these handy little devices have a variety of functions that any mechanic could appreciate. The Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine, for example, is a dramatically shaped torch (just a little smaller than a golf bar) that delivers a wide-angle beam and can stick to any surface thanks to its 12 pointed neodrymium (rare earth) magnets – ideal for removing the hazards of trailing wires and hot spot bulbs. The Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine Professional takes this concept to its next logical level, with even more power, a larger size and a high visibility beacon for use in a breakdown situation if your vehicle is left without power.

The secret behind these superior-standard lights is their Lumen Tech™ LED bulbs. Combining the most intense shine possible with an exceptionally wide viewing angle, the dream beam achieved by these crisp bulbs stands in stark contrast to inferior LEDs, which produce a very focused small light “dot” on the work surface or area, even when powered by over 20 LEDs. For the purposes of car repair and (in some cases) emergency use, this simply isn’t sufficient, especially when you can match it with the sixteen-high output of the Striker FLEXiT Magnetic LED Light, who’s flexible silicone body helps it shine in an infinite number of directions, and with the same powerful rare earth magnets as the mine lights it can be attached to any steel surface.

But their flashing lights aren’t all about brightness – there’s practicality behind them too. Elsewhere in our Striker Tools range, you can find their exceptional Striker Garage Parking Sensor Version 2. The ultimate helping hand when dealing with awkward parking situations, these multi-coloured lights will glow a different shade depending on your approach i.e. it will be green as you approach the parking area, yellow as you near it and need to slow down, and lastly red when you have reached the desired distance from the parking space.

From Ultra-thick lead pencils to unique Skin Palm protectors, there are even more innovative tools to discover in our Striker range. If you want more information regarding them, our diagnostic tools or any other products, you can get in touch via the Launch Tech Facebook page and at @LaunchX431.

Post By Ruby