air conditioning car diagnostic toolPart of our new range of car diagnostic tools for air conditioning servicing is the LMP2 fully automated package. An excellent choice for larger workshops and garages, the machine is on wheels and features 3 metre hose lengths for excellent manoeuvring and accessibility.

A complete package that can offer you a total service of vehicle air conditioning systems at the touch of a button, this machine also benefits from an integral printer for instant diagnostic reports! The diagnostic kit includes a UV dye injection kit, temperature probe, o-ring kit, refrigerant, an electronic leak detector and much more, this really is the complete service kit for all vehicle air conditioning systems and it has integrated access to a vehicle database to provide instant diagnostic data.

The key benefits of the LMP2 system are the automated features which make this machine an excellent time and money saving device. The automatic functions this kit performs include:

  • A high performance programmable vacuum
  • Recovery and recycling of refrigerant
  • Replacement of the exact amount of oil extracted during the recovery process
  • Injection of the correct weight of UV dye
  • Bottle heating
  • Alarmed system to alert you when maintenance is required
See our website for a full run down of the technical specifications of this fantastic car diagnostic tool and servicing equipment, and don’t forget that all of our A/C packages come with full aftersales support from our technical experts!

Post By Marc