In our new range of air conditioning diagnostic tools we have a fantastic gadget to help you detect system leaks and faults before they become a serious and expensive problem. Great for performing pre-emptive system checks and ensuring the system is working to its best after repair or servicing, the Ultrasonic Leak Detector can identify faults unlike any other car diagnostic tool.

ultrasonic car diagnostic tool

A small crack or leak in vehicle air conditioning systems, wear in gears and shafts, or electrical discharge emits an ultrasonic noise which is undetectable by human ears. As the faults worsen, the noise enters the audible frequencies but by then the damage is already done.

This remarkable piece of kit transforms that ultrasonic noise into audible sound which can be heard through the included earphones. In a matter of minutes these small problems can be located and diagnosed before they develop into more serious issues, this opens up the opportunity for preventative vehicle maintenance which will allow garages and workshops to provide the best possible service for their clients.

Not just for A/C system diagnostics, this leak detector can also be used to identify:

  • Mechanical wear
  • Leaks in pressurised systems
  • Electrical discharge
  • Cracks and leaks in containers
  • Vacuum leaks
At Launch we’re dedicated to bringing you effective equipment to save time and money in your vehicle diagnostics, keep an eye on our website – we’re adding new products all the time!

Post By Marc