Detecting small leaks and system faults in air conditioning and refrigerant systems isn’t always easy, but we have recently added a product to our range of air conditioning car diagnostic tools that makes it simpler than ever to find even the smallest leaks quickly and efficiently.

air conditioning car diagnostic toolFor over 20 years the developers at Glo-Leak have been creating the best way of locating even the smallest faults in refrigeration systems. Just as the Smoke Wizard uses mineral oil smoke to deposit a UV dye to illuminate the location of leaks in fuel evaporator systems, the Glo-Leak solution is designed to give the brightest fluorescence with any common refrigerant or a/c lubricant.

A single shot of the Glo-Leak fluid is enough for most car air conditioning systems (for larger vehicles more of the fluid may be required), and with the use of a UVA or UV+Blue lamp the source of the leak will be clearly visible.

We sell Glo-Leak fluid in 10, 33 and 100 shot bottles along with the necessary dye injection equipment, so have a browse of our air conditioning car diagnostic tools to see how easy it is to start performing fast and reliable a/c servicing!

Post By Marc