In addition to the range of car diagnostic tools we offer on our main Launch Tech website, we also have some terrific training and reference materials for automotive garages and workshops. Earlier on in the year the government opened up a new round of funding to support thousands of apprenticeships nationwide, including those in the automotive engineering sector.

Great for training new technicians and supporting experienced mechanics, we have a number of reference books that are invaluable time saving resources for all garages, and recently we bundled them together to make them even more cost-effective!

car diagnostic tools reference books

Included in the bundle is our Code Breaker Book, Service Reset Book and Socket Locator Book, and all of them are extremely valuable to have at hand for any vehicle technician. From the 2700+ fault code explanations in the Code Breaker Book, to the 16-pin socket location of more than 500 makes and models, each book is packed full of useful information.

For more detailed information of what our reference books can offer you, and how they can enhance the benefits of Launch car diagnostic tools, see our main website.

Post By Marc