The Smoke Wizard is a massive leap forward in smoke leak detection for vehicle diagnostics and the GLD-50 model is the smallest and lightest smoke machine on the market. A fantastic car diagnostic tool for small garages, workshops and for use on the go; this Smoke Wizard kit offers many of the innovative functions of the standard Smoke Wizard smoke machine but streamlined into this incredibly compact and lightweight piece of technology.

Smoke wizard smoke machine

This Smoke Wizard kit can diagnose 90% of the top ten most common ‘Check Engine’ codes across all makes and models of vehicles. The method of smoke leak detection can be used to locate even the smallest faults in virtually any low pressure system with precision accuracy. In less than twenty seconds the Smoke Wizard heats the unique mineral oil solution to produce a smoke which is delivered to the system using compressed air or inert gas (with the use of the inert gas pack). This smoke will then exit the system via the leak giving a clear visual indication of the location and size of the fault.

Furthermore, for finding leaks in tight spots and dark corners, the mineral oil included with the GLD-50 kit leaves a small deposit of UV dye at the site of the leak which clearly illuminates with the use of a halogen spot lamp and UV glasses (also included in the kit). A 12oz bottle of this OEM-Approved mineral oil supplies around 750 minute tests, and more bottles can be purchased from our range of parts and consumables for the Smoke Wizard.

Where this car diagnostic tool outstrips its competitors is in its safety advantages. In addition to its full CE Certification, the ability to use inert gas such as CO2, Nitrogen or Argon when using the Smoke Wizard to test fuel evaporator systems (EVAP) means that this device is one of the safest available. We all know that the workshop is full of potential ignition sources, but by using inert gasses the possibility of combustion is removed as the oxygen levels within the EVAP system are forced below the 11% needed for flammable glasses to become ignited.

With the Smoke Wizard GLD-50 kit you can be sure that you will locate the leak faster than ever and with precision accuracy. It is powered from the vehicle’s battery so this handy little car diagnostic tool can even be used when away from the garage! Included in the kit is a Schrader tool, an assortment of cap plugs, a halogen spot lamp, UV glasses and a bottle of the mineral oil – everything you need to get started with smoke leak detection.

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by Marc Yates

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