If you’re starting to think about a summer holiday for this year, we’ve got a few recommendations for you. In no particular order, here are our top five driving roads in the world.

Bergen to Oslo

We’re talking about Norway here, so this drive is inevitably going to be all about the scenery. Not many can compete with the mighty fjords, the dramatic mountainsides, and the black waters you’ll see from the E16. And then there’s the longest road tunnel in the world – the Laerdal Tunnel – if you can find a better place to hear the roar of a car’s engine then hats off to you.

Alpine Road

Commissioned by the newly elected Hitler in 1933 but not finished until 2002, the Alpine Road linking Lindau on Lake Constance and Berchtesgaden on Lake Königssee takes you through meadows, mountains, forests, lakes and valleys with a few fairytale castles along the way. It was made to be the greatest highway in the world, and it comes pretty close!

Transfagarasan Highway

This stunning highway climbs up between the two highest peaks in Romania, taking a series of hairpin turns and challengingly narrow passages. For the adventurous driver, this is a ‘bucket list’ trip.

Furka Pass

Blue lakes, rolling green hills and sharp mountain tops – Switzerland’s Furka Pass is an explosion of colour that makes other Alpine passes look a bit second rate. Bikers love this route, but the 2,431 metre climb is just as great in the car. 

Naples to Salerno

A summer drive that will give you the best the Med can offer through a complex and challenging route. The SS163 is a staggering tribute to Italian engineering, and it has more twists than a bowl of pasta. Superb coastal driving.

Post By Marc