Back in February it was announced that a new round of Government funding was being opened up to support thousands of apprenticeships in many sectors including automotive engineering. With an incentive of £1,500 being offered to small firms and garages to hire their first new apprentice, many businesses will be taking on new engineers and we’ve got some great training resources for car diagnostics.

Resource book car diagnostic tool

Our Code Breaker Book contains over 2700 EOBD/ISO fault codes and is an indispensable training and reference resource for anyone in modern vehicle diagnostics. It also contains comprehensive explanations of how and why the most commonly experienced fault codes are found – this is a valuable time saving resource for all garages and workshops and it will enable you to interpret and diagnose vehicle faults quickly and easily.

Speed up and simplify your vehicle diagnostics and have a look through our collection of books and manuals for use in conjunction with our car diagnostic tools.

Post By Marc