Launch Tech UK has revealed its latest piece of technology, the CRP MOT 4, a new development of its CRP MOT 3 diagnostic tool, set to elevate automotive diagnostics for technicians in the automotive aftermarket.

​With new hardware and diagnostic functions, the CRP MOT 4 is a perfect entry-level device for those looking to enter into diagnostics and is also ideal as a second device for technicians in the workshop.

Key benefits for technicians and car DIY-ers include 31 powerful service functions including actuator tests, covering an extensive range of car models. It also comes equipped with a high-performing 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor, Android 10.0 OS, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a vibrant 10.1" display for superior efficiency.

​Launch Tech UK's new CRP MOT4 also features the advanced DBS Car V11 VCI for fast Bluetooth connection, supporting diverse protocols, including DOiP and CAN FD, for seamless and comprehensive diagnostics, as well as featuring a practical soft carry case crafted for durability and convenience for optimal protection in the workshop and on-the-road. Plus, it has enhanced storage capacity and operating system for more reliability.

The CRP MOT 4 is a new addition to Launch Tech UK’s leading range of high-end garage equipment from enthusiast and professional diagnostic devices to diesel particulate cleaning units, additive fluids, and brake bleeding machines.

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