Vehicle diagnostics and workshop equipment specialist Launch Tech UK has unveiled the latest iterations of its popular Smoke 1 and Smoke 2 diagnostic leak detection product line.

Both essential tools in the diagnostic technician’s armoury, the third evolution of the entry-level Smoke 1 and professional Smoke 2 tools enable quick and efficient leak detection in hoses, connections, and other components.

Diagnostic trouble codes relating to emissions and induction can be triggered through tiny leaks throughout a vehicle’s system. Smoke 1 and Smoke 2 both feature a no-smoke test mode to verify if a leak exists, before deploying a harmless visual smoke aid to help technicians ascertain the source of any issues.

The uprated Smoke 1 and Smoke 2 leak detection tools introduce an improved heating system and upgraded electronics. Smoke 1 is supplied in a robust case for workshop use, only requiring a 12V DC supply to operate.

Smoke 2 is designed for heavy use in professional settings and features a low pressure mode for testing delicate components, supplied with a comprehensive accessory kit.

Launch Tech UK’s Smoke 1 and Smoke 2 can help to find leaks in emissions, engine and transmission oil, turbo, and exhaust systems. Both products are supplied with universal seals for irregular component openings, 25-90mm adapter cones for large openings and 100 millilitres of Launch Tech’s ultraviolet smoke fluid.

Optional extras for the Smoke range include a multi-purpose blocking set with expandable bungs, sized from 17-55mm, a cylinder test set for 12mm and 14mm spark plug threads, a pneumatic shock absorber test kit for high-end vehicles, and an ultraviolet torch, to find small leaks unhidden by the dye in Launch Tech’s smoke fluid. The latest evolution of the Smoke product line sits alongside a range of high-end garage equipment from enthusiast and professional diagnostic devices, diesel particulate cleaning units, additive fluids, and brake bleeding machines.

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