Since we added our selection of Striker tools to our website they have been consistently popular. Striker’s lighting solutions are made to combine innovative design with the greatest functionality to offer the best possible hands-free LED lights for domestic and professional use. While the Striker Light Mines are fantastic little gadgets for precision work in dark corners and tight spaces, such as under the car bonnet, the FLEXiT Light is a versatile LED light sheet which can provide both focused and broad light for a range of jobs.

striker tools, garage tools, striker light

Sixteen high-output LEDs are arranged at regular intervals on the silicon sheet, which can be hung from the integral loop or attached to a metal surface using the two extra-strong rare earth magnets in the light’s base. LEDs are championed for their brightness and low power, and this unit is powered with only two AA batteries but offers 128 Lumien light output. The power is adjusted with a three light mode switch to low, medium and high brightness to suit your requirements.

striker tools, garage tools, striker light

What makes the FLEXiT Light stand out from other task lights is its silicon body, which can be flexed and bent into exactly the shape you wish. This means that it can provide a broad flood lit area for working over large spaces in low light, or a bright spot for focused light. It can also be positioned in an infinite number of directions to suit the task in hand, leaving your hands free to get the job done.

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Post By Marc