With many people opting to keep their cars for longer as the cost-of-living crisis continues, there are going to be more vehicles with issues to deal with making access to the best diagnostic tools even more important. Find out how the latest releases from the major providers can help you make the most of the diagnostic opportunity.

The PRO 5 LINK with Smartlink VCi for Super Remote Diagnostics (SRD) has the latest advanced interface to support multiple communication and diagnostic protocols including, DOIP, CAN FD, J2534/1/2, D-PDU, RP-1210/C, 5GMHz wi fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0.

Launch Tech’s PRO 5 LINK also features the latest intelligent diagnostics capability, which automatically identifies the vehicle through the VIN. Over 70 car brands are covered, all with in-depth module information. Fault codes can be resolved using the Launch CarSet database, powered by Haynes Pro. Using guided diagnostics and technical information, the technician is easily able to resolve the fault issue, saving time and improving diagnostic efficiency. ADAS dynamic calibrations are also included.

The Smartlink®C also supports Launch SRD (super remote diagnosis), this new development in diagnostics allows a technician to call a service provider who using the Smartlink®B device will connect to the vehicle remotely. It is then possible to carry out almost any diagnostic or programming function, on almost any vehicle using OEM or aftermarket tools.

Launch has also released the Euro Tab III (£4,750 ex VAT), with the new Smartlink® C VCI. This advanced module allows for communication and advanced functions in several ways.

Featuring its own 4.0-inch screen the Smartlink® C communicates directly with a vehicle for local diagnosis, remotely for Launch SRD diagnosis, the VCI is also compatible with DOIP (Diagnosis over the Internet protocol), CAN FD, (flexible data-rate), and as a Pass-Thru device communicating by J2534, D-PDU and RP1210 protocols. The Smartlink® VCI also supports truck diagnostics using the optional HD truck software.

The Euro Tab III includes the Launch Tech professional database, fully integrated into the diagnostic software. This will take you directly from the DTC to a step-by-step testing routine, leading to the fault code solution.

Additional features of the Euro Tab III include diagnostics for over 100 car brands, 33 service and reset functions, extend solution to support TPMS servicing, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band communication to ensure quick and stable connection and built-in repair information and training video modules help to track and fix issues fast.

All of Launch Tech UK’s equipment is designed for multi-brand diagnostics. Ease of use, wide vehicle coverage, good value and extensive diagnostic capabilities across the range of smart tablets make it the brand of choice for workshops around the world.

The brand is constantly innovating to increase our diagnostic equipment product portfolio to remain the leading supplier of diagnostic tools in the market.

Diagnostics tools users looking for the latest tips and tricks and user guides can visit Launch Tech’s YouTube channel where the company regularly updates subscribers with the latest how-tos.

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