Ever since the CReader VI came out it has transformed the diagnostics industry, with car enthusiasts keen to get their hands on one of the best tools on the market. After a while we thought the interest might die down but we’ve still had phenomenal interest in this incredible machine.

If you haven’t heard of the CReader VI, let us fill you in on why it’s so special. Aimed at the at-home and car enthusiast market, it’s Launch’s latest and best diagnostics tool that combines performance and design to the highest degree. Compact and user-friendly, we were extremely impressed with both the functionality and simplicity of the CReader.

Buy the CReader VI from Launch

The features that are packed into this Launch tool are numerous and include an MIL indicator, I/M readiness test, EVAP system test and O2 (Lambda) sensor test. As well as this you can record and play back live data, view diagnostics information in data or graph format and clear DTC’s. In total, the CReader VI can do everything the at-home user could want from a diagnostics tool.

As well as all the above functions, it has LED diagnostic status indicators, multi-language selections and a 2.8 inch LCD colour screen to meet all of your specifications. On top of this, Launch provide the CReader 6 with a one year warranty and lifetime access to online software updates so you can always diagnose your car with efficiency and peace of mind.

Data Features of the CReader 6

The Launch CReader VI is now available for just £110, making it an affordable and efficient way for you to diagnose any problems or faults that your car may have. Visit the Launch UK website today for more information and to make your purchase. Also make sure you visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the latest news and updates.

Post By Dan