The X431 Euro Pad II is the latest Android™-based diagnostic tool from Launch. This robust compact tablet offers features beyond other diagnostic tools, all through the power of Bluetooth technology.

What sets the X431 Euro Pad II apart from others are the extensive telematics and the outstanding software support. Mechanics can diagnosis multiple systems, multiple makes and multiple models remotely.


System diagnostics are available for airbags, transmission, brakes, coolant, battery levels, engine speeds, a/c, fans, injectors and more. Applications allow access to module coding, resets, relearns and bi-directional capabilities.

The package includes a one year software subscription without a lockout period. Diagnostics are available for Asian, European and Domestic manufacturers with frequent updates. You can also install third party apps and software to your X431 Euro Pad II to fit your particular diagnostic needs. The X431 Euro Pad II also supports extension modules such as a 4 channel oscilloscope, endoscope inspection camera, and a multimeter scope box.

The touch screen interface and easy to understand menu make using the X431 Euro Pad II a snap. Unplugged, the unit is good for up to 8 hours of use and comes with a hefty 32G hard drive with room for an additional 32GB using a micro SD card. The unit is water, drop and dust resistant and relies on real-time remote telematics diagnosis using GOLO.

GOLO technology allows customers to connect with mechanics in real time through any Android™ phone. Customers with vehicle problems contact their shop of choice and receive expert advice instantly. This is a great advantage as late model vehicles are complex, computerized and drivers do not have access to diagnostics. Drivers can text or talk to a mechanic and follow along as the mechanic takes over the vehicle’s diagnostic system and identifies problems.

Launch PAD 2

The X431 Euro Pad II offers fast accurate date to the mechanic. You can view and record up to 15 items simultaneously. This allows you to perform general diagnostics, graph performance and handle module coding.

You also have access to vehicle specifications in the Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Database. Manufacturer suggested solutions to problems and search capability for fault codes are available too. Since the X431 Euro Pad II is at the heart of the diagnostics, some fault codes are correctable remotely.

Besides the powerful telematics, the X431 Euro Pad II elevates customer service to a new level. GOLO car care paired with Android™ technology revolutionises how you service and support your customers. Customers not only gain confidence in your services as they follow along with the diagnostic process, but you can also produce a written report instantly and send it the customer’s mobile phone.

You can text or speak to the customer and even if they do not answer, Bluetooth technology leaves a message on their phone. Reports are stored on the X431 Euro Pad II so you have an accurate record of service done on a vehicle too.


Customers enjoy security and peace of mind knowing that they are covered no matter what comes their way. This makes for satisfied customers and repeat business because they can connect not matter the circumstances.

The GOLO software goes far beyond remote diagnostics. It is an entire customer relationship management system useful for scheduling appointments, promoting your services and keeping in touch with customers in a timely manner.

The X431 Euro Pad II makes managing your business and your customer’s vehicle more convenient.

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