This month Launch UK has introduced the newest device in their diagnostic tools range – the X431 Pad. An advance in car diagnostics, it combines professional-standard capabilities with super-fast performance. The 9.7” LCD screen provides high definition features with the ability to show up to 12 pieces of data from a car at any one time.

With a Windows 7 operating system, the Pad provides high quality and easy-to-use performance with all the popular functions of tablet computers. With Wi-Fi as standard, users can connect to the cloud computing Multi-Euro Networking System (MENS) to link with X431 Pads devices across the UK and further afield. Live and saved data can be shared with other devices and specialist technicians can provide in-the-moment advice and guidance for professionals looking to fix problems instantly.

The Pad comes with Launch’s latest software as well as extended vehicle coverage that allows the device to be used on 75 different manufacturers. The kit contents includes cables and connectors for different models, ensuring it can be used immediately in the workplace. The bundle on offer includes a standard 12 months free software updates to keep users at the cutting edge of the industry.

The latest Launch X431 has up-to-date OBDII wireless technology and a comms chip using LPTT, a patented technology, that provides a super-fast user experience. On top of this it has a thermal printer for instant print outs of fault codes. It can also save screenshots and graphs for analysis or comparison later on.

Known by the name X431 Euro Pad in the UK, it has gained good reviews in America and Asia. And with a two year warranty in the UK, what’s not to like? Click here to find out more.

Post By Dan