With the weather improving and summer definitely on the way, now is the time of year that garages and workshops across the country will be experiencing a large number of clients wanting their air conditioning systems repairing and servicing. An outstanding car diagnostic tool that allows you to perform full air conditioning system servicing at the press of a button, the LMP3 package is a reliable choice of a/c servicing tool for the season.

LMP3 aircon car diagnostic tool

The LMP3 is a fully automated system that can perform a number of functions quickly and efficiently. These include:
  • Reintegration of the exact amount of oil extracted
  • Refrigerant extraction and recycling
  • Injection of UV dye
  • Bottle heating
  • An alarm to provide audio and visual alert when maintenance of the device is required
Ideal for larger workshops where a number of vehicles may be worked on simultaneously, the LMP3 is on castors and has 3 metre long hoses for ease of use. On top of its servicing functions, this kit features a built-in and fully updatable vehicle database which provides information on the a/c service requirements according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition to this, the integral printer provides instant reports on all of the machine’s operations – this is a fantastic time saving and all-inclusive a/c servicing tool.

Don’t forget to keep checking our new range of air conditioning car diagnostic tools for more additions coming soon!

Post By Marc