Launch UK has unveiled the new X-431 PRO 4, a brand newadvanced automotive diagnostics tool.

Based on the Android operating system, the new 1.4 GHz
Quad-Core product excels in automotive fault diagnosis and offers wider vehiclecoverage, powerful functions and accurate test data.

Supporting American, Asian and European passenger car and
light commercial vehicles, the PRO 4 comes complete with a protective case and
docking station, ideal for storage of product, connectors and printer. The
product also comes with a two year warranty and two years’ worth of freesoftware updates. 

Key features
of the PRO 4 include: Manufacturer reset and service functions, service light /
oil reset, OBD II functionality, live data graphing and, the ability to save,share and print report sheets.

functions enable technicians to carry out the following: Automatic VIN
recognition, new battery registration, ABS brake bleeding, DPF checks /
regenerations, tyre pressure monitoring, module programming and recoding and,key coding / matching.

The PRO 4
boasts WiFi and bluetooth connectivity meaning monthly software updates are
done at the touch of a button. Battery capacity stands at 7000 mAh and usage
time is eight hours on a full charge. The 10.1 inch screen tool includes 2GB ofRAM and a 5.0 mega pixel rear camera.

The PRO 4 has been developed in conjunction
with independent garages across the globe and is one of the most intelligentdiagnostic tools available on the market.

Post By Launch Tech UK