Expertise matters in the world of vehicle diagnostics, and a new high-end professional diagnostic tool from Launch UK embodies years of aftermarket understanding.

Developed from the PRO 5 Plus, the new Launch PRO 5 Link features the super remote diagnostics solution Smartlink®C, which is a new development that allows a technician to call on a remote service provider, who, using a Smartlink®B interface, will connect to the vehicle remotely and use their in depth experience, expertise of OEM and aftermarket diagnostic tools, to carry out almost any diagnostic or programming function, on any vehicle.

With super remote diagnosis, any diagnostic function is possible, significantly reducing the need for technicians to purchase additional diagnostic tools or outsource diagnostic issues, meaning the vehicle can be fixed faster.

Launch UK remote services are powered by Asus, a global force in the provision of remote automotive service. Access to the Launch Smartlink service platform is either paid for annually by subscription or pay-as-you-go and an access fee. Service fees vary, dependant on the requirement.

Covering both passenger car and commercial vehicle diagnostics, this advanced interface supports multiple communication and diagnostic protocols, including DOIP, CAN FD, J2534/1/2, D-PDU, RP-1210/C, 5GMHz wi-fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0.

PRO 5 Link’s intelligent diagnostics automatically identifies the vehicle through the VIN. Over 70 car brands are covered, all with in-depth module information.

More than 15 reset and special functions are included in the software and fault codes can also be resolved using the Launch CarSet database, powered by Haynes Pro. Using guided diagnostics and technical information, the technician is easily able to resolve the fault issue, saving time and improving diagnostic efficiency.

ADAS dynamic calibrations are also included, while static calibrations are covered with the purchase of the ADAS PRO & ADAS Mobile calibration frames.

The PRO 5 Link tablet uses the most up-to-date Android OS 9.1 system, and includes a 10.1-inch display, 4gb RAM and 64gb memory (expandable by up to 32gb with a micro-SD card). The 1.8GHz processor allows for quick analysis of information, giving the technician the data they need without lag.

The acclaimed heavy commercial software and comprehensive connector kit are an optional purchase, while the Launch TruckSet database is also available to purchase.

The PRO 5 Link comes with a two-year warranty, two-year software package with daily one-click software updates and a one-year subscription to the Launch CarSet Electronics Database module. For more information and to view vehicle coverage, visit here.

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