It’s not often that the world of technology stands still, no matter what industry you are in. The automotive industry is no different, with new releases of various pieces of technology seeming to be hitting our shelves every week. Sometimes we don’t take much notice but the Launch Diagun is one tool that we can’t ignore.


With money available to consumers being extremely tight, the new car industry has suffered a sales slump of late, although things are looking like they are improving. With the thought of a new car being put on the backburner, people are looking instead to prolong the life of their current car. This means they are keen to get any problems solved quickly and one way to improve the service you provide in this instance is through car diagnostic tools.

The Launch X431 Diagun is the latest handheld device for car technicians, providing wireless performance using advanced diagnostics technology. With a number of forward-thinking features designed to speed up the process in a professional environment, the Launch Diagun is a must-have in the tool box. Capable of working up to distances of 100m and with the ability to work on two vehicles at the same time, this diagnostics tool is a fantastic time-saver.

As well as coming with advanced features, this diagnostics tool features all of the functions you would expect including: compatibility with over 50 manufacturers, high-res colour touch screen, live data stream and service resets and key coding. With a 1GB memory card, USB printer connectivity and software updates via the internet, this car diagnostics tool is sure to impress. If you’ve got any feedback for us, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Post By Dan