Back in March we did a blog on why car batteries die and how to jump start a car should it happen and whilst jump starting a car is pretty simple, once you know how, it does still have one massive problem: you need another car. What would you do if your car died on a quiet country lane where phone reception is weak and another car is not likely to be by anytime soon? Or no one has any jump cables? Or no one is willing or able to help?

There are countless reasons why relying on getting a jump is impractical, and even if it wasn't it is always best to be self-sufficient when possible; and now thanks to Launch UK you can be. Jump starting a car with the Launch Battery Power Pack could not be more simple and – whilst you may not think so with its small, unassuming size – when fully charged the device is capable of starting a car over 20 times before a recharge is necessary. It can even start cars in which there isn't even a battery present!

Available at a price that makes it affordable and practical for mechanics and individual car owners, when the power pack finally requires charge it can be quickly re-energised via a mains power supply. Alternatively, by using one of the accessories that come with the pack, it can be plugged into the cigarette lighter port present on the dash of most cars and charged whilst on the go.

Launch UK's Battery Power Mini Power Pack


Though the Battery Power Pack is primarily used for jump starting a car, it has a whole host of additional uses that make it even more perfect for the average car owner. To start with, each power pack comes with an ensemble of connection cables that will allow the power pack to recharge popular electronic devices, including the Sony PSP, Sat Navs, tablets, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, other mobile phones, and many more.

The Power Pack is fitted with 2 ports, giving its user the ability to charge 2 devices simultaneously. On top of this, it is fitted with a powerful integrated LED light, making it useful to have around should you run into trouble at night. The LED light has a battery life of 120 hours and can be switched between 3 possible light settings: steady, flashing and SOS.

Obviously this pack is a very useful and valuable piece of machinery, which is why this 420 gram battery pack has a protective plastic cover and soft rubber aspects, to help absorb any shocks. It also has in-built safeguards which eliminate the possibility of an electrical overload and wards against short or over-circuits.


To learn more about the Launch Battery Power Mini Power Pack visit the Battery Boost Packs category on the Launch UK website. If you have any questions or enquiries to make about the batter power pack or any other Launch product, and you cannot find an answer amongst any of our blogs, feel free to contact us by email or via one of our social media pages.

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