Those of you who regularly check our website will have noticed that we have recently added a brand new Launch car diagnostic tool to our range – the Launch X431 Euro Pad!

A giant leap forward in diagnostic technology with the convenience of tablet computing, the Euro Pad has the most up-to-date software and coverage which now extends to 75 manufacturers. Bring the best diagnostics that Launch technology can offer to more clients with a greater variety of makes and models with the completely wireless device.

The 9.7” LCD touchscreen offers unmatched access to live data streaming and the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously thanks to the Windows® 7 operating system. The Euro Pad connects wirelessly to the internet not only to receive regular software updates, but also to gather information while the diagnostic processes are being carried out.

This information can then be shared through the Multi-Euro Networking System, a cloud-based platform which allows for pad-to-pad communication worldwide. Connect with other users to receive real-time assistance, uploading images and video along with your diagnostic data thanks to the integral 1.3 mega pixel camera.

We’re extremely proud to introduce the X431 Euro Pad. Not only does it offer all of the high performance diagnostics that you would expect from a Launch device, it allows users to connect with other diagnosticians all over the world to share information and assistance where it is required.

To read more about the Euro Pad and the enormous number of new features it has, please visit our main website.

Post By Marc