O-rings, valve caps, valve cores, port converters – all essential elements in the maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems in vehicles, and all items that we need to keep a stock of. If they’re not used up, the fiddly little things go missing!

air conditioning car diagnostic tool service kit
Service Kit A
We have a number of air conditioning service kits in our range of parts and consumables for A/C systems that are full of all the necessary items that need to be constantly replenished. Each kit has a comprehensive assortment of o-rings, valve caps, springlocks, wire brushes, tools and more – including Schrader valve tools and o-ring hooks necessary to use them!

It’s a good idea to regularly replenish your stock of parts and consumables to continue getting the most from your air conditioning car diagnostic tool. This is a popular time of year for air conditioning servicing, so ensuring you are always ready to provide a fast and efficient service will mean you don’t miss out on any business this season.

Post By Marc