Wireless technology has been at the forefront of consumer electronics for decades. From television remote controls to mobile telephones and wireless broadband, we all like to cut down the number of cables and trailing wires we have around. For garages and workshops there are significant health and safety advantages to having fewer wires for technicians and mechanics to trip over, so it’s no surprise that the latest car diagnostic tools feature wireless functions.

The Launch X431 Diagun heralds a new era in vehicle diagnostics, and displays the latest in automotive diagnostic technology. This handheld device is compatible with over 50 leading vehicle models across Europe, Asia and America and allows you to scan the engine and auto transmission, read and erase fault codes and control SRS airbag lights, ABS lights and service lights.

wireless car diagnostic tools

In addition to all of this, the X431 Diagun allows you to connect to one vehicle with a cable and to another wirelessly, performing diagnostic scans on two vehicles at the same time with no extra cables. The range of the wireless connection is around 100 metres, so this car diagnostic tool is perfect for increasing speed and efficiency in small workshops and larger garages alike!

For more information on the X431 Diagun visit our main website where you will find a full run down of the specifications and vehicle coverage of this superb car diagnostic tool.

Post By Marc