As you may know we have recently added two superb Smoke Wizard leak detection kits to our collection of car diagnostic tools, and we also have an expanding range of accessories so you can continue to get the most out of your Smoke Wizard.

Smoke Wizard oil car diagnostic toolA 12oz. bottle of the OEM-Approved mineral oil for use with the Smoke Wizard kit will give you up to 750 minute tests, but inevitably you will need to restock with more of this fantastic smoke solution. Don’t settle for less effective smoke oil once you have tried the best – we supply individual bottles of the UltraTrave UV® Solution to help you maintain a stock to keep your Smoke Wizard working to its best.

inert gas pack for smoke wizard car diagnostic tool

To make the most of the remarkable safety benefits of the Smoke Wizard, especially when carrying out EVAP testing, the Inert Gas Pack is a must-have addition to your kit. Included with the pack is a 20oz. liquid CO2 cylinder which will perform around 25 EVAP tests, a pressure gauge, a universal female coupler and a 50PSI preset CO2 regulator – everything you need to start performing the safest and most effective EVAP testing you can.

Our collection of parts and accessories for the Smoke Wizard you will find everything to continue to get the most out of this fantastic car diagnostic tool and replace lost, damaged or consumed parts from the Smoke Wizard kit.

by Marc Yates

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