Earlier in the month we reported the news that thirty-nine regional DVLA offices are due to close in a drive to save £26m from the transport budget. This week the Retail Motor Industry Federations’ National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) has welcomed the proposed modernisation of the DVLA.

Representing the UK’s car and commercial vehicle retailers, the NFDA believe that this streamlining of the DVLA’s activities is long overdue. Director Sue Robinson commented, ‘Currently dealers carry out a number of activities at DVLA offices such as cherished number transfers and tax class changes. With the DVLA closing 39 of its local offices, solutions will need to be found to perform these activities and these are likely to take the form of an online solution.’

Initially it is expected that there may be some delays as these solutions are implemented, however many dealers already complete many transactions through the DVLA’s website including new car registrations and the taxing of new vehicles, so it is thought that the transition period will be a short one.

NFDA Director Robinson continued, ‘We are working closely with the DVLA to ensure the views and concerns of our franchised dealer members are represented.’

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by Marc Yates

Post By Marc