At Launch we’re not only committed to providing you with the very best in car diagnostic tools, we also offer extensive support through our website.

Our Official X431 Support forums contain extensive technical support and discussions, company news, tips of the day and general discussion groups. Jump into the discussion and meet real industry professionals! The exchange of ideas and information is what the internet is best at, and our forums are a fantastic tool for users of the X431 Master and other automotive diagnostic tools.

We are extremely confident in the excellent level of service our X431 software provides, however it’s inevitable that there are occasional software errors, bugs and things for us to improve on which is why we make it easy to report such errors via email. We pick up your report quickly and continue to develop the best in vehicle diagnostics, see our Error Reporting page for all of the information we will need to process your email.

Be sure to join our forums and help us to create an unrivalled car diagnostic community and support network!

Post By Marc