It’s the height of the season for air conditioning system diagnostics and servicing at the moment as we all prepare for the warmer weather. A valuable supplement to air conditioning car diagnostic tools is a good digital thermometer.

air conditioning car diagnostic tool

Perfect for monitoring temperature while working on air conditioning systems, the Temperature Probe fits inside a/c ducts to make measurements to an accuracy of +/- 1°C between -20°C and +200°C. The reading is clearly displayed on the LCD screen – this is a neat little safety gadget that is perfect for use in garages and at home!

air conditioning car diagnostic toolsFor a complete hand held temperature reading system, our Digital Thermometer not only takes temperature readings with an accuracy of +/- 1⁰C within a temperature range of -50°C to +300°C, it also has additional safety features including:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature settings
  • Memory
  • Alarm

With a large LCD screen and a 10cm probe, this is a great all-round thermometer for any number of uses, especially in air conditioning testing where safety and accuracy is paramount.

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Post By Marc