Last week we introduced our new range of cordless power tools from Ingersoll Rand, which includes high powered and very portable grinders, impact wrenches and ratchets. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the market leading ¼”, 3/8” and ½” pneumatic ratchets we have to offer.

The Ingersoll Rand name is synonymous with quality professional tools, and the cordless ratchets are no exception. All of them benefit from high strength metal housing which is reinforced to withstand even the most demanding environments; protecting the motor and mechanism from accidental damage caused by dropping. Additionally, the battery connections are protected by Ingersoll Rand’s patent pending twist-to-lock design which safeguards the tool against accidental battery detachment.

cordless power tool ingersoll rand ratchetThe R385-2L cordless ratchet is delivered as a kit with two rechargeable batteries and an Ingersoll Rand universal charger, everything you need to get started with the ratchet in a heavy duty plastic carry case. The tool itself features proprietary motor control with variable speed, protecting the mechanism from wear caused by load on the bearings and offering the greatest possible control over the application of power for the user. For further durability, the innovative tool head is made to provide the best possible combination of compact design and hard wearing metal for the longest possible service.

Ingersoll Rand’s rechargeable batteries are not only designed to protect the tool, they also include their own integral microprocessor to protect the cells and optimise charging. Additionally, the battery life is clearly displayed on the battery itself so you need never be caught without enough power to finish the job.

For more on our range of cordless ratchets from Ingersoll Rand, and to see some superb cordless grinders and impact wrenches, please visit our main website.

by Marc Yates

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