Cordless Ratchets from Ingersoll Rand

Monday, 23rd of July 2012

Last week we introduced our new range of cordless power tools from Ingersoll Rand, which includes high powered and very portable grinders, impact wrenches and ratchets. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the market leading ¼”, 3/8”

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New Cordless Tools from Ingersoll Rand

Thursday, 19th of July 2012

Regular visitors to our website will have seen that we added a brand new range of products this week – cordless power tools from Ingersoll Rand! We are really excited to be able to introduce this range of high performance tools, and we currently stock

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Shed Some Light on the Matter with Striker

Monday, 18th of June 2012

Since we added them to our website our Striker tools and accessories have received a lot of attention, most recently from Aftermarket Online who featured them in their product news last week. The Light Mines and FLEXiT light are among the most popular of our

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New Garage Parking Sensor from Striker

Monday, 28th of May 2012

Among our brand new range of Striker tools and accessories we have a neat little gadget that is designed to make garage parking easy, even when there’s no-one to help the driver position the vehicle.

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Vautec WV605 Smoke Machine

Thursday, 17th of May 2012

Using smoke machines for leak detection has become an extremely popular development in vehicle diagnostics due to its superiority to standard methods in both accuracy and safety. When testing for leaks in fuel evaporator systems (EVAP), using a smoke machine

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Striker Tools

Monday, 30th of April 2012

I hope those of you who attended the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham last week had a great couple of days, we really enjoyed ourselves!

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