Selling reassurance when it comes to automotive repair is no easy task, but with the right tool in hand, it soon becomes routine. Enter the Launch CRP123 CReader Professional; a handheld diagnostic tool that can detect and report the underlying cause behind the faults of a vehicle with astonishing accuracy and in record time. Designed not just to do its job to the highest standard, the CRP123 features a sleek and slim design to rival that of any highstreet gadget, making it as worthy a choice for the professional repairman as it is for the car enthusiast.

Both the hardware and software within the Launch CRP123 CReader Professional are state of the art, amalgamating the best features of previous code scanners and high quality mid-line scan tools to effectively open up a whole new world of diagnostics. It features enhanced data streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine; compatible with a wide range of makes, models and years compliant with EOBD/OBDII (petrol vehicles from 2001 and diesels from 2004). Delivering a level of readability that simply would not be possible decades ago; this diagnostic tool can be fully updated and upgraded via the internet, allowing it to retrieve the generic and manufacturer specific code of a certain vehicle, whether it’s permanent or still pending.

In terms of functionality, this reader from Launch uses a full 3.5” TFT colour screen to display graph, record and replay data, with a state-of-the-art intuitive interface & multi-function button operation that is topped off with a sleek, rugged and impressionable design. In order to save on both diagnosis and repair time, the Launch CRP123 CReader Professional can do a full scan (and even have the warning lights turned off) in a manner of seconds, which will be of huge benefit to both the DIY mechanic and the large franchise expert.

Compared to previous entries in Launch’s line of enthusiast diagnostic tools, the current CReader Pro is based on a DPU platform composed of chip DP431 and JV700 core components, and retains the all functions of older CReader models for OBD2/ OBD / EOBD standard protocol diagnosis. Some of the added capabilities include live data streams, coverage for Asian, European and American vehicles, the ability to scan transmissions as well as enhanced help functions. Like earlier models, it gives the option to print out the diagnosis through a PC, but also supports a large extension memory card.

As you can see in the review section our product page for the Launch CRP123 CReader Professional, the feedback it’s received thus far is unsurprisingly extraordinary. From full-time professionals who need to save on garage-bills to mechanically minded parents who want to ensure their teenager’s brand new car is reliable on the road, this diagnostic tool hasn’t failed anyone yet. With so many counterfeit Launch products sadly making their way around online, you can also be rest-assured that you’re getting a genuine piece of kit when shopping with Launch UK.

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