In our rapidly expanding range of air conditioning car diagnostic tools and products, we have added a fantastic kit from Glo-Leak that makes finding small faults in A/C and refrigeration systems easier than ever.

For almost 20 years Glo-Leak have provided the fastest and most cost-effective way of detecting leaks in vehicle air conditioning systems. The UV fluid is designed to provide bright fluorescence under a UV light, and just one dose of it to the refrigerant fluid is enough for it to get to work.

air conditioning car diagnostic tool

This UV Dye injection kit contains everything you need to get started with Glo-Leak leak detection. Conveniently packaged in a briefcase, it includes:
  • An injector pump
  • Coupler
  • Hose
  • Glo-Leak Fluid
  • UV lamp and batteries
  • UV glasses

Once the UV Dye is applied to the system being diagnosed, the included glasses and UV lamp can be used to spot the location of the leak within minutes. This is an incredible time saving diagnostic kit that makes finding faults in most refrigerant systems simple and efficient.

Suitable for use on all vehicles – we stock a number of couplers and adapters that are great for use with this car diagnostic tool. Every garage and workshop can achieve the Glo-Leak standard!

Post By Marc