Designed to provide their users with functional, innovative solutions to common problems, the accessories and hand tools developed by Striker are renowned for their reliability and high-quality manufacture. All Striker products are conceived with their user's convenience in mind, making them extremely practical and, inadvertently, wildly versatile. It is because of this that you get the sense that those who are tasked with coming up with the innovations are more than just idea-men, but rather they're experienced technicians, mechanics, engineers, etc. who after years of toil have decided to find new ways of making their lives, and ours, a whole lot easier.

We stock a range of striker products on Launch UK, all of which have been chosen specifically for their ability to make even the most difficult job noticeably less daunting. True, these gadgets are small in stature for the most part, with some – such as the Pack Of 5 Dura Lead Refills – appearing downright mundane; but there is no doubt that once having tried them you will see how much difference their unusual designs and inherent quality make.

To give you a rough idea about the kind of accessories that Striker provide, we're going to quickly show you three which you can find on Launch UK, and that can be in your hand by this time tomorrow thanks to our next day delivery service.

Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine – Professional

Striker Professional

With eight white LED lights on the front and four red ones on the back, this light mine is covered with magnets and can be securely stuck on to any steel surface; thereby giving you ample light whilst going about your work. Though the casual Striker Magnetic LED Mine is more than adequate in most situations, the professional magnetic LED mine is capable of producing light up to eight times brighter than its more casual counterpart, and it is designed to last over four times longer. Ideal for illuminating the darkest recesses of a car's engine, the professional light mine is a must-have gadget for any mechanic or technician.

Striker Garage Parking Sensor

Striker garage parking

Most garages were not designed to accommodate the slowly growing width and length of modern cars, so as the years creep by so too do we whilst we pull into our garages, trying not to graze the wall. Utilising ultrasonic technology, the Striker parking sensor has a very clear red-yellow-green lighting system that helps drivers to see when they may be getting a little to close to their garage wall. Placing one at the far end of your garage ought to be enough, but for those who like to be really safe having an extra two placed on the side of the garage is definitely worthwhile.

Striker Tough Skin Palm Protectors

Striker palm protectors

The Striker Palm Protectors are a very basic product, which frankly just makes them all the more ingenious. The palm of your hand is incredibly sensitive and vulnerable to harm; not to mention prone to blistering, hardening skin, and bruising. Designed to protect the wearer's hand whilst still leaving the hand with maximum dexterity, the functionality and affordability of these palm protectors makes them a must have for anyone who works with cars or other pieces of heavy machinery.

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