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Comment on New Point of Sale for garages unveiled

New Point of Sale for garages unveiled

Posted on Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Launch UK has added new point of sale resources for garage users of its automatic transmission flush machine and Launch X431 diagnostic tools as it continues to help workshops promote the key benefits of its products to motorists. The Launch X431 diagnostic tool poster informs motorists to act when warning lights appear and the key symptoms to look out for, including rough running or lack of performance and also running rich and poor fuel consumption. The poster also helps to keep...Read More

Comment on 5 Ways the Culture of Cars is Changing

5 Ways the Culture of Cars is Changing

Posted on Monday 3rd of April 2017

When the first consumer-level cars hit the roads, it was a revolution in personal freedom. For more than a century, we’ve seen every facet of the auto shift to the driver’s control, from interior design to self-diagnostic tools. There are a number of exciting and strange trends emerging in car culture, and we picked out five of them that could have long term implications for the humble automobile.   #1 “Battle Cars” - taking passenger cars offroad This car culture trend...Read More