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Comment on 3p Fuel Duty Rise Shelved

3p Fuel Duty Rise Shelved

Posted on Thursday 28th of June 2012

This week we have seen the debate surrounding the proposed 3 pence per litre rise in fuel duty come to a head with the government announcing that the rise will be deferred until January 2013. The Retail Motor Industry Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has welcomed the decision, believing that such a rise in fuel tax would unfairly penalise consumers on a low income, single families and rural communities. PRA Chairman Brian Madderson has commented, ‘By delaying the duty increase the...Read More

Software Subscriptions with Launch
Comment on Software Subscriptions with Launch

Software Subscriptions with Launch

Posted on Monday 25th of June 2012

Many of our powerful X431 car diagnostic tools are delivered with a subscription to our software updates which allow you to get the most from this market leading diagnostic technology. Updates are delivered via the internet direct to the X431 devices with improved features and functionality which maintain the breadth of coverage that the X431 series boasts. Once a software subscription expires the car diagnostic tool will not stop working, but the...Read More

Comment on Price Reductions at Launch Tech UK!

Price Reductions at Launch Tech UK!

Posted on Thursday 21st of June 2012

Those of you who follow our social media presence will know that we recently reduced the prices on some of our most popular car diagnostic tools. A giant in the world of vehicle diagnostics and an award winning piece of technology, the Launch X431 Master is now available from just £1500 with a year subscription to our software updates. Delivered with a huge variety of connectors and cables making it suitable for all OBDII/EOBD compliant vehicles, this is excellent value for a superb quality...Read More

Shed Some Light on the Matter with Striker
Comment on Shed Some Light on the Matter with Striker

Shed Some Light on the Matter with Striker

Posted on Monday 18th of June 2012

Since we added them to our website our Striker tools and accessories have received a lot of attention, most recently from Aftermarket Online who featured them in their product news last week. The Light Mines and FLEXiT light are among the most popular of our Striker tools thanks to their performance as high quality hands-free lighting solutions, and we think they are indispensable tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike! The Light Mine and Light Mine Professional are both powerful...Read More

Compact Leak Detection with the Smoke Wizard GLD-50 Kit
Comment on Compact Leak Detection with the Smoke Wizard GLD-50 Kit

Compact Leak Detection with the Smoke Wizard GLD-50 Kit

Posted on Thursday 14th of June 2012

The Smoke Wizard is a massive leap forward in smoke leak detection for vehicle diagnostics and the GLD-50 model is the smallest and lightest smoke machine on the market. A fantastic car diagnostic tool for small garages, workshops and for use on the go; this Smoke Wizard kit offers many of the innovative functions of the standard Smoke Wizard smoke machine but streamlined into this incredibly compact and lightweight piece of technology.

This Smoke...Read More

Comment on MOT Exemptions Criticised

MOT Exemptions Criticised

Posted on Monday 11th of June 2012

It was recently announced that compulsory MOTs for pre-1960 vehicles are to be scrapped in November due to the low road accident statistics associated with classic cars and the high level of maintenance undertaken by their owners.  Owners of these vehicles will still be required to ensure that their car is in safe roadworthy condition, but removing compulsory MOTs will save them money without losing the overall safety benefits associated with car maintenance. It is thought that classic...Read More